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~ Custom woodworking & repair ~

We offer highly skilled woodworking services to meet all of your needs, including...

~ Custom tables

~ Custom cabinets

~ Cup holders /racks

~ Doors and hatches

~ Hand rails & bow rails

~ Repair or rebuild swim platforms

~ Bright work refinished or oiled

Custom teak table w/ compass rose inlay

Custom teak table w/ compass rose inlay

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~ Upgrades of existing features ~

We can customize your boat by changing or upgrading existing features including...


~ Custom Corian tops

~ Custom corian tables

~ Corian sink covers

~ Installation of cup holders

~ Installation of fishing rod holders

~ Installation of new hatches

~ Etc.....


Custom corian top w/stainless cup holders

Custom corian top w/stainless cup holders

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~ Interior & exterior cleaning ~

We offer professional cleaning services for both the interior & exterior of your boat including ... 


~ Complete interior cleaning

~ Rugs washed

~ Wood work polished

~ Cockpit cleaned

~ Vinyl seats cleaned & conditioned

~ Isinglass cleaned & conditioned

~ Top side and hull wash

~ Pressure wash bottom


Boat Detailing

Pricing $75.00 per hr



~  Compounding and waxing ~

Compounding & waxing is an essential part of keeping your boat in good condition! Not only will your boat look great with that show room shine, it will be protected against the damaging rays of the sun. Salt , dirt and bird droppings will wash right off!  Services offered...


~ Complete Fiberglass restoration

~ Compounding & wax of hull

~ Compounding & wax of top side

~ Compounding & wax cockpit

~ Apply woody wax to non skid

~ Polish aluminum structures

~ Polish all chrome



Pricing $85.00 per hr



~  Gelcoat scratch repair ~


~ The damaged area is sanded

~ The scratch or chip is filled with factory color gelcoat

~ The area is wet sanded and buffed to original finish


Gelcoat repair before

Gelcoat repair after

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~  Installation of electronics ~

We install many different types of electronics including...


~ Gps / Chartplotter systems

~ Vhf radios & antennas

~ New stereos with IPod adapters

~ Installation of new speakers

~ Installation of Sub woofers

~ Installation of amplifiers

~ Guages and switches replaced

~ Installation of under water lights

Chartplotter install


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~ Minor engine repair ~

We Provide minor engine repair and maintenance to keep your boat in tip top shape! Services include...


~ Oil and filter changes

~ Fuel filters changed

~ Belts and hoses replaced

~ Impellers replaced 

~ Spark plugs replaced

~ Cap, rotor, wires replaced

~ Etc....


Minor engine maintenance and repair


Pricing $85.00 per hr + supplies



~  Fresh water systems repair ~

 We can repair or replace any part of your fresh water systems including...


~ Replace fresh water pump

~ Flush systems & clean tanks

~ Replace hot water tanks

~ Replace faucets & sinks

~ Replace valves and hoses

Fresh water systems repair


Pricing $85.00 per hr + parts



~  Shrink wrapping up to 35' ~

We offer shrink wrapping services for boats up to 35' in length. Shrink wrapping protects your investment in many ways including...

~ Shrink wrapping will not chafe or damage your boat unlike dirty tarps.

~ Shrink wrapping will protect your boats finish from harmful UV rays.

~ Shrink wrapping will help keep out critters as well as water, dirt and debris.

~ Shrink wrap will withstand heavy loads of snow and ice

~ Our covers are properly ventilated to prevent moisture and mildew problems.

~ Zippered access doors can be installed for easy entry into the boat without cutting or removing the shrink wrap.

Shrink wrapping is cost effective, durable, UV protected and provides complete protection against the elements.


Shrink wrap pricing

 $12.00 per foot - Up to 22'

 $14.00 per foot - 23' to 28'

$17.00 per foot 29' to 35'

Prices include vents


Shrink wrapping


+ $4.00 per anti-mildew container

+ $25.00 for 30"x 36" zippered door

Hard tops and fly bridge extra




~  Winterizing & commissioning ~

We offer complete winterizing and commissioning services for your I/O or Outboard engines, as well as your fresh water systems. including...


~ Oil and filter change

~ Stabilize fuel in tank

~ Change fuel filter/water separator

~ Fog motor & inject oil into cylinders

~ Lube all moving parts

~ Run anti-freeze through motor

~ Remove batteries

Stern drive service

~ Remove drive inspect bellows, bearings, seals and u joints

~ Grease spline, install new o rings and gaskets, reinstall drive checking for proper alignment

~ Drain gear oil, replace with high performance gear oil

~ Remove prop grease shaft

Winterizing I/O




~ I/O Pricing ~

4 Cylinders - $180.00

6 Cylinders - $225.00

8 Cylinders - $250.00

* Prices include supplies *

* Anodes are extra *


Stern drive service

Alpha - $170.00

Bravo - $200.00

Bravo III - $225



Winterizing outboards



~ OutBoard Pricing ~

2 Stroke engines

2 Cylinder - $125.00

3 Cylinder - $150.00

4 Cylinder - $180.00

6 Cylinder - $200.00

Fuel injected engines

2 Cylinder - $150.00

3 Cylinder - $180.00

4 Cylinder - $200.00

6 Cylinder - $ 225.00

Add $ 20.00 for 4 strokes *Outboard prices are labor only! Parts, anodes & supplies extra*




~  Vinyl boat lettering ~


We offer custom boat lettering for that perfect name, to make your boat standout . Send us the design or we will be happy to design it for you (design fee extra).


Boat lettering


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